Amintire a unui stop de pace dintr-o noapte; atit de calda si puternica a fost, ca m-a uimit, am vrut sa scriu despre, mai usor mi-a fost sa scriu in engleza mea de balta ca sa nu ma inteleaga oricine ….


The peace of night leave waves of silence on my skin. It is my world and I’m the master. I feel the silence growing from the land. It is my peace.

There is no past, there is no future, it is only the stoned moment. Nothing can hurt, nothing can break the bundle with harmony. Can feel the grass how’s growing, can feel the murmur of the leaves obeying to the wind. It’s only the not yet born nature, it is the promise of the life, it is the answer of all our praise.

There is no me, there are no others. I am the wind and sky is only for me there. I feel the force and I am flying, the stars are staying close to me.

There’s nothing left, I am pure spirit, I see the beauty of the peace. There is no harm, there are no others, I am alone, the sky behind. I have the power of the moment.

There are no hours, there are no boundaries, I am detached of all the pain, there is no body, there are no feelings, there is no heart, there are no thoughts, it’s just my moment.

I’m flying with the peace in me, I’m joining the untouchable, there is no world, there is no future, the coming back is not a way.

I’m here, it’s peace, the home is here.

The sky is mine, my love is growing, and peace and beauty from my side.

I feel the breath from all the humans, I’m guarding from above their peace.

There are no boundaries, my love expanding, I’m offering my love to God.

I’m just his slave and I’m obeying, his will is burning me inside.

I’m offering my way, my sense of living, my soul, my beauty for his peace.

I feel the God, I know his willing and I’m devote my soul to him.

I give my love with no returning.

There is no join with things of living, it’s just my soul, but it’s away, belonging to the God, there are no humans to share this love, returning back is not a way.

I stay, I’m here, and I’m not lonely, my soul is full of giving love, the God is here and I’m obeying.

The value of my life is God.

I have no body, I am not lonely.

The life is simple, just obeying, the coming back is not a way, I’m moving forward, love is burning

come God to give you what I have.

I’m blessed with life, my love is only what I can give return to You.

This is my moment, the time is frozen, with no way back, the space is mine, I am not lonely, I feel the God.